10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Konu Anlatımı Çalışma Kağıdı Test ve Etkinlikler

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10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kazanımları



1. Talking about past and present events/experiences

2. Booking

3. Exchanging ideas and plans

4. Asking for approvals and/or confirmations



E10.5.L1. Students will be able to list phrases for booking in a recorded text.


E10.5.P1. Students will be able to practice intonation in question tags (both rising and falling).

Eg. You aren’t travelling alone, are you? (falling/rising intonation)


E10.5.S1. Students will be able to ask and answer about their own and other people’s travel experiences.

E10.5.S2. Students will be able to book a room at a hotel/ a table in restaurant etc.

E10.5.S3. Students will be able to confirm information during a conversation.

E10.5.S4. Students will be able to take part in a dialogue in a group to make a travel plan.


E10.5.R1. Students will be able to make use of written instructions in order to draw a route.

E10.5.R2. Students will be able to classify different vacation types in a reading passage.


E10.5.W1. Students will be able to write an e- mail to a friend about their holiday experiences.

E10.5.W2. Students will be able to prepare a travel guide of a city they have visited.


Where have you been?

Have you ever…? I have visited…

Did you like it there?

It is the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. It’s really worth seeing.

I have just tidied my room.

Have you finished your final report?

Yes, I’ve just finished it.

Which places should I visit?

You should visit …

How can I go to the…?

I’d like to book a room, please.


Sorry, did you say… ? You asked for a double room, didn’t you?

You aren’t travelling alone, are you?

Which countries have you visited so far?

I’ve visited…

Which one did you like most?

I liked …

I have read ‘The Turkish Embassy Letters’ by Lady Montagu.

10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kazanımları İndir

10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Konu Anlatımı



*** We use question tags at the end of a statement.

*** We form them with an auxiliary verb (is, are, was, were, do, did, have, etc.) or a modal (can, should, must, etc.) and a personal pronoun (you, he, they, etc.).

*** We use question tags when we are not sure about something or when we are asking for confirmation.

*** If the statement is positive, the question tag is negative.

Your parents have been to Portugal before, haven’t they?

Mr. Cheng talked to our manager about the problem, didn’t he?

There is a terrible traffic jam here between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., isn’t there?

*** If the statement is negative, the question tag is positive.

You aren’t going to Wendy’s party this evening, are you?

Your mother hasn’t seen the holiday brochures, has she?

Veronica can’t play a musical instrument, can she?

✦ Note the following question tags. It’s a good idea to learn how to use them.

  • I am right, aren’t I?
  • Your father never watches horror movies, does he?
  • Let’s eat pizza after school today, shall we?
  • Turn the music down, will/can/could you?
  • Don’t forget to post the letter, will you?
  • Somebody was watching us through the window, weren’t they?
  • Nobody knows Mel’s address, do they?
  • This is a difficult situation, isn’t it?
  • These aren’t your keys, are they?
  • You have to speak politely here, don’t you?


We use Present Perfect Tense

• to talk about life experiences.

My uncle has travelled all over the world.

Have you ever seen a snake?

Mr. Green has never tried Chinese food.

• for an action that happened in the past, but we do not say exactly when it happened.

I have seen this film before. (before = at any time before now)

I have been to Germany

Note: We do not mention any specific time as the experience is important here, not the time. When we want to say exactly when something happened, we use the past simple tense.

A: Have you ever been to Spain?

B: Yes, I have. I went there last summer.

• when a single action in the past has a connection with the present.

I have cut my finger. It’s still bleeding.

Emma has had an accident.

• for an action that started in the past and continues up to now.

My mother has had this car for six years.

• to talk about multiple actions repeated at different times.

Our school team has won six matches this season.

• for something that happened in the past but is important at the time of speaking.

We can’t get in the house. My mother has lost the key.


Subject + have / has + Verb3 (past participle)

I / You / We / They + have +  ridden a bike before.                                           

He / She / It             +  has +  ridden a bike before.                                           


Subject + haven’t / hasn’t + Verb3 (past participle)

I / You / We / They + haven’t + ridden a bike before.

He / She / It / hasn’t +           ridden a bike before.


Have / Has + Subject + Verb3 (past participle)

Have + I / you / we / they + ridden a bike before?

Has + he / she / it + ridden a bike before?

Common time expressions with the Present Perfect Tense

since / for / yet / just / already / ever / never / recently / lately / up to now / so far / until now / It’s the first time…/this morning, this evening, this month, this year (if these periods of time are not completed)

* This is + superlative form of adjectives + …………… I have ever seen, watched, tasted, visited, etc.

This is the best play I have ever seen

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen

* Ever

Have you ever tried sushi?

* Never

We use “never” in affirmative sentences, but the meaning is negative.

I have never tried sushi before.

* Just

We usually use “just” only with the present perfect tense and it means ‘a short time ago’.

In the present perfect, ‘just’ comes between the auxiliary verb ‘have’ and the past participle.

Do you hear the announcement? The plane has just landed.

* Already

We use “already” to express that something has happened sooner than expected.

A: Don’t forget to post the letters.

B: I have already posted them.

* Yet

We use “yet” to talk about something which is expected to happen. It means ‘at any time up to now’. It is used in

questions and negatives.

‘Yet’ usually comes at the end of the sentence.

A: Have you read the e-mail?

B: I have read the e-mail, but I haven’t replied it yet.


We use “for” to talk about a period of time.

Brenda has been on a diet for three months.


We use “since” to talk about a specific point in time, or the time when the action started.

She hasn’t seen her golden ring since yesterday. I think she has lost it.

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10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kelimeleri

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10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kelime Etkinlikleri – Quizi


A. Choose the correct Turkish meaning (15×2=30p.)

1. Travel

a) konaklama                b) tatil                         c) seyahat                               d) ulaşım

2. Means of transportation

a) ulaşım araçları         b) ulaşılacak yer        c) tatil türleri                         d) tatil yerleri

3. Rental

a) satılık                                    b) kiralık                    c) satmak                                d) kiralamak

4.  Book

a) satmak                      b) satın almak            c) parasını vermek                 d) rezervasyon yapmak

5. Abroad

a) yurt içi                      b) yurt dışı                  c) şehir merkezi                     d) kasaba

6. Include

a) kapsamak                  b) karar vermek          c) tatile çıkmak                      d) yola koyulmak

7.  Satisfactory

a) ucuz                          b) pahalı                     c) bireysel                              d) tatmin edici

8. Window seat

a) ön koltuk                  b) arka koltuk             c) pencere kenarı koltuk        d) koridor kenarı koltuk

9. Air conditioning 

a) buzdolabı                  b) çamaşır makinesi   c) bulaşık makinesi                d) klima

10. Belong

a) ait olmak                   b) ödeme yapmak       c) para çekmek                       d) borcu olmak

11. Destination

a) konaklama                b) hizmet verme         c) gidilecek yer                      d) servis açma

12. Overland

a) hava yolu ile            b) kara yolu ile           c) deniz yolu ile                     d) yürüyerek

13. Feed

a) beslemek                  b) danışmak                c) uzaklaşmak                        d) hissetmek

14. Temple

a) kale                           b) müze                       c) tapınak                               d) çeşme

15. Prefer

a) sunmak                     b) tercih etmek           c) sipariş vermek                   d) teslim etmek

B. Choose the correct English meaning (15×2=30p.)

16. Ne kadar süredir?

a) how                           b) how many              c) how much                          d) how long

17. Her şey dahil

a) bed                            b) breakfast                c) all inclusive                                   d) bed and breakfast 

18. Karar vermek

a) decide                                   b) book                       c) prefer                                  d) ask 

19. Kaydetmek

a) call                            b) record                     c) tell                                      d) include 

20. Koridor kenarı koltuk

a) window seat              b) front seat                c) back seat                            d) aisle seat

21. İzin  

a) travel                         b) allowance               c) baggage                              d) ticket

22. Kayak

a) hiking                                   b) jogging                   c) running                               d) skiing

23. Şahit olmak 

a) win                            b) write                       c) witness                               d) wheel

24. Buz pateni pisti

a) ice skating rink        b) bowling alley         c) tennis court                                    d) ice climbing

25. Yerel

a) local                          b) region                     c) city                                     d) town

26. Bakım, onarım  

a) revolution                 b) renovation             c) regulation                          d) renaissence

27. Saray

a) temple                       b) fountain                  c) resort                                  d) palace

28. Yola çıkmak 

a) choose a road                       b) walk the road         c) hit the road                         d) go along the road

29. Unutulmaz

a) forget                                    b) forgettable             c) unforgettable                     d) forgive

30. Bilgi

a) information               b) education               c) renovation                          d) celebration

C. Complete the dialogues  (6×4=24p.)

 How much / When / A return ticket / Which airline / How / How long

1. Agent :  __________________________ would you like to travel with?

Customer : Phoenix Airline, please.

2. Agent : ___________ are you going to travel?

Customer : Next Friday.

3. Customer :  ___________________ does it take?

Agent : About four hours.

4. Agent : Would you like to have a single or ____________________?

Customer : I haven’t decided when to turn back, so a single ticket please.

5. Customer : _________________  does it cost?

Agent : It’s 350 Euros for standard class.

6. Agent : ___________ would you like to pay?

Customer : By credit card please.

D. Look at the map and answer the questions (4×4=16p.)

 * You are here

1. Where is the book shop?


2. Go straight ahead. Take the second turning on the right. Go past the pub. It is on the right ______________________

3. Where is the flower shop?


4. Go straight ahead. Take the second turning on the right Go past the bookshop. It is on the left ______________________

10.Sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Kelime Etkinlikleri – Kelime Quizi İndir

10. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Çalışma Kağıdı Worksheet


A – )  Write the correct question tags. (20×2=40p.)

1. You can help me with my Spanish project, ______________________ ?

2. Sarah is very good at solving maths problems, ______________________?

3. The actor didn’t thank his parents at the ceremony, ___________________________________ ?

4. Steve should see a doctor as soon as possible, ________________________________________?

5. Your daughter wasn’t at the stadium, ____________________________________ ?

6. George likes outgoing people, __________________________________?

7. Your grandfather went fishing yesterday, ________________________________ ?

8. There weren’t too many guests at the party, ____________________________________ ?

9. Dave’s aunt used to be overweight when she was younger, _______________________________?

10. I’m always tolerant of different opinions, _____________________________________ ?

11. We must be very careful during this exam, _________________________________?

12. Call me when you get to the airport, ___________________________________ ?

13. Martin never asks for advice when he’s in trouble, ________________________________ ?

14. Let’s go to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Helen’s birthday, ____________________________. ?

15. That isn’t a complicated instruction,___________________________________ ?

16. Everybody is here, ___________________________________ ?

17. I’m not wrong,___________________________________ ?

18. Don’t tell anything to Clark about that incident, ________________________________?

19. Those children are very naughty, ________________________________ ?

20. Nobody visited you yesterday evening, ___________________________________

B – ) Match the questions with the answers. (6×2=12p.)

___ 1. Where are my glasses?                                   A) Her car has broken down.

___ 2. What are you looking for in the drawer?         B) Haven’t you heard? He’s had an accident.

___ 3. Why does Sue need to call a mechanic?         C) A plaster. I’ve cut my finger.

___ 4. Why don’t you go to bed? It’s 3 a.m.               D) Because someone has stolen my old one.

___ 5. Where is Philip? I can’t see him.                    E) I know, but I haven’t finished my report yet.

___ 6. Why are you buying a new smart phone?        F) I don’t know. I haven’t seen them anywhere.

C- ) Write questions with How long? Then answer them using for or since as in the example. (4×4=16p.)

Example :  You / live in Italy? (two years)

                  A : How long have you lived in Italy?

                 B : I’ve lived in Italy for two years.

1. she / wear dental braces? (last September)

A : _________________________________________________________?

B : _________________________________________________________

2. they / know each other? ( six months)

A : __________________________________________________________?

B :__________________________________________________________

3. Andy / have this motorbike? (he was 18)

A : ___________________________________________________________?

B : __________________________________________________________

4. You / be here? (half an hour)

A : ___________________________________________________________?

B : ___________________________________________________________

D – ) Complete the dialogue with the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets. (8×2=16p.)

Megan : Sorry I’m late, Rita. How long _____________ you ______________ (be) here?

Rita : I _____________________ (be) here forabout 10 minutes. Not long.

Megan : This restaurant is so nice.____________ you ________________ (know) about it fora long time?

Rita : I ____________________ (know) about it sincewe moved to Rome. We ________________ (have) a meal here every Saturday fortwo years. Anyway, what would you like to eat Megan?

Megan : Well, I ______________________ (not / eat) a delicious pizzasince I last came to Italy. I’ll have pizza Margherita.

Rita : I’ll have it too. It’s very good and I _______________________ (not / have) any sincelast week.

Megan : It’s really nice to see you again, Rita. We ____________________ (not / see) each other fora long time.

E – ) Choose the correct option.(8×2=16p.)

1. I haven’t ridden a horse since / for I was a child.

2. Jane has played the violin since / for she was eight.

3. I have already / yet read this book. So you can get it back.

4. Have you opened your birthday presents yet /  already?

5. She has just / already bought a new t-shirt. She is paying for it now.

6. Have you ever / never met a famous person?

7. I have never / just received an e-mail from Judy. She is in Dubai now.

8. I have had a terrible sore throat since / for two days.

10.Sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Çalışma Kağıdı Worksheet İndir

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