9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Konu Anlatımı Çalışma Kağıdı Test ve Etkinlikler

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Sevgili öğrenciler, 9. sınıf ingilizce 5. ünite konu anlatımı videomuzu izlemeden önce 9.sınıf İngilizce 5.ünite kelimeleri ve anlamlarını öğrenmeniz gerekmektedir. Buraya tıklayarak 9. sınıf ingilizce 5. ünite kelimelerine çalışabilirsiniz. Kelimeleri öğrendikten sonra 9. sınıf İngilizce 5. ünite konu anlatımına hazırsınız!


9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kazanımları



1. Asking about and describing people’s appearances and characters

2. Comparing characteristics and appearances.

3. Expressing opinions (Agreeing, disagreeing, etc…)

4. Talking about current activities



E9.5.L1. Students will be able to match the descriptions of people’s appearances in a recorded text with appropriate pictures.


E9.5.P1. Students will be able to practice /ŋ / sound.

Eg. Bringing /brıŋıŋ/


E9.5.S1. Students will be able to compare characteristics of different well-known people by expressing opinions.

E9.5.S2. Students will be able to describe current actions in pictures.


E9.5.R1. Students will be able to scan a text for specific information.

E9.5.R2. Students will be able to guess the meanings of unknown words from the contexts.


E9.5.W1. Students will be able to write a text comparing characteristics of people by giving their opinions.

E9.5.W2. Students will be able to write a text describing their inspirational character.


Who’s your favorite movie star?

What is s/he like?

What does…look like?

How old/tall/long…?

What color……?

S/he has got blonde/wavy hair.

In the picture Claire’s hair is shorter than Hanna’s.

Who is your favorite sportsman/ sportswoman?

S/he is a born singer.

He has got a natural talent for sports.

I think George is more emotional than Jay.

I disagree with you, I think vice versa.

In my opinion…

I totally disagree. / I’m afraid, I disagree…

She is getting ready for the shot. Is the producer working on a new film?

The famous footlball player is visiting charity organizations for the refugees now.

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kazanımları İndir

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Konu Anlatımı



1. Paragraph : General Information  (Who is he/she?)

Name, City, Age, Country, Nationality, Job

Age : Baby, Young, Teenager, Middle Aged, Old, In her fifties, In his thirties, about forty years old                       

2. Paragraph : Physical Appearance  (What does he/she look like?)

Attractive, unattractive, good-looking, handsome, beautiful, ugly, well-dressed, casually dressed

Height : Short, Of medium height, Tall

Weight/Build : Thin, Slim, Of medium weight, Plump, Fat, Overweight, Well-built, Muscular, Strong, Athletic

Hair : Short, Long, Shoulder Dark, Blond, Red, Straight, Curly, Wavy

Face : Oval, Thin, Chubby

Eyes : Big, Small, Slanting, Hazel, Brown, Black, Green, Blue

Skin :  Fair, Dark, Blonde, Black         

Other Features : Tattoo, Scar, Freckles, Dimples, Acne, Glasses

3. Paragraph : Character  (What is he/she look like?)

Aggressive& Calm        Ambitious&Laidback    Brave&Cowardly          Cheerful& Sad             Violent&Peaceful,                     Dangrerous&Safe        Friendly&Unfriendly     Generous&Stingy             Hardworking&Lazy     Naughty&Well-behaved

Outgoing&Shy             Sociable&Unsociable,   Punctual&Unpunctual   Strict&Light                 Serious&Humorous,     

Empathetic, Respectful, Supportive, Loyal, Tolerant , Responsible, Honest, Energetic, Careful, Careless, Selfish, Aggressive, Modest, Boring

Mind : Wise, Clever, Intelligent, Foolish, Stupid

4. Paragraph : Likes&Dislikes (What does he/she like?)

Free time activities

Playing football, basketball, volleyball, handball

Playing the flute, the piano, the violin, the guitar

Playing games, board games, computer games

Reading books, newspaper, magazine

Drawing, Listening to music, Watching TV, Gardening, Studying, Diving, Swimming, Sunbathing, Writing etc

5. Paragraph : Your Feelings about him/her (How do you feel about him/her?)



Personally,                                           That’ s right                                        I completely disagree with you.

From my point of view, …                    I agree with you to an extent.                I’m afraid I disagree.                                  

My personal view is that …                  I tend to agree with you.                       I totally disagree.

As for me, …                                       I couldn’t agree more.                           That’s not always true.

In my opinion, …                                  That’ s so true.                                     I’m not so sure about it.        

I suppose, …                                        No doubt about it.                                 I’d say the exact opposite.

You are absolutely right.                      I don’t think so.


We use Present Continuous Tense

• to talk about actions happening now, at the moment of speaking.

I’m doing my homework now.

• to talk about actions happening around the time of speaking.

They’re looking for a flat at the moment.

*** We form the present continuous using the verb to be am, is, are- and adding -ing to the base form of the main verb.

We’re playing in the garden.

*** Time expressions used with the present continuous are now, at the moment, at present, right now, these days, etc


Subject+ be +Verb + ing

I am (’m)

You / We / They + are (’re)      +  walking.

He / She / It is (’s)


Subject +be+not+ Verb + ing

I am not (’m not)

You / We / They are not (aren’t)    +   walking.

He / She / It is not (isn’t)


Be+ Subject+ Verb + ing ?

Am I     

Are you /we /they               + walking?

Is he / she / it               


• We use the comparative form to compare two people, things, places etc. We usually use than with comparative adjectives.

The city is noisier than the country.

My English is better than yours.

• We use the superlative form to compare one person or thing with more than one person or thing in the same group. We use the / of / in with superlative adjectives.

The giraffe is the tallest animal of all.

She is the most beautiful girl in the class.

• We can also use (not) as + adjective + as to say that two people, places or things are / are not similar.

I am not as old as you.

Your bag is as big as mine.

*** One-syllable adjectives

tall cold longtaller colder longerthe tallest the coldest the longest
big fat hot sadbigger fatter hotter sadderthe biggest the fattest the hottest the saddest
heavy tidy dryheavier tidier drierthe heaviest the tidiest the driest

*** Adjectives with two or more syllables expensive

beautiful expensive importantmore beautiful more expensive more importantthe most beautiful the most expensive the most important

*** Some adjectives have the comparative and superlative degrees in both ways.

narrow   shallow   clever   slender   lovely   friendly   polite   simple   handsome   common   sincerenarrower more narrow shallower more shallow cleverer more clever slenderer more slender lovelier more lovely friendlier more friendly politer more polite simpler more simple handsomer more handsome commoner more common more sincere sincererthe narrowest the most narrow the shallowest the most shallow the cleverest the most clever the slenderest the most slender the loveliest the most lovely the friendliest the most friendly the politest the most polite the simplest the most simple the handsomest the most handsome the commonest the most common the most sincere the sincerest

*** Irregular adjectives

Good Bad Far*   Old A lot/many/much littleBetter Worse Farther(distance) Further (distance/time) Older/elder (no “than”)* More lessThe Best The worst The farthest The furthest The oldest The most The least

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Konu Anlatımı İndir

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kelimeleri

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9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Kelime Etkinlikleri – Quizi


A. Choose the correct Turkish meaning (15×2=30p.)

1. Inspirational

a) zengin                       b) popüler                   c) ilham verici                                   d) çalışkan

2. Foundation

a) okul                           b) kütüphane             c) belediye binası                  d) kuruluş

3. Disagree

a) katılmak                    b) katılmamak                        c) sanmak                               d) düşünmek

4. Generous

a) cömert                      b) cimri                      c) bencil                                 d) sosyal

5. Modest

a) kibirli                                    b) alçak gönüllü         c) cimri                                   d) ukala

6. Celebrity

a) ünlü kişi                   b) kutlamak                c) ün sahibi olmak                 d) kutsal

7. Patriotic

a) uysal                         b) çekici                     c) yakışıklı                             d) milliyetçi

8. Unique

a) zengin                       b) sinirli                     c) eşsiz                                               d) bencil

9. Arrogant

a) uysal                         b) kibirli                     c) bencil                                 d) sakin

10. Keep promise

a) günlük tutmak          b) sır tutmak               c) sözünü tutmak                   d) sahip olmak

11. Feed

a) konaklamak              b) hizmet vermek       c) ziyaret etmek                     d) beslemek

12. Achievement

a) başarı                                   b) ulaşım                    c) giriş                                      d) çıkış

13. Capture

a) kuşatmak                  b) ateşlemek               c) ele geçirmek                      d) mağlup olmak

14. Aviator

a) havacı                                   b) karacı                     c) denizci                               d) savaşçı

15. Freedom

a) adalet                                    b) hoş görü                 c) eşitlik                                 d) özgürlük

B. Choose the correct English meaning (15×2=30p.)

16. Sanmak, farzetmek

a) agree                         b) believe                   c) suppose                              d) hope

17. Düşünce

a) opinion                     b) hope                       c) care                                    d) guess

18. Sağlıklı

a) poor                           b) rich                         c) healthy                               d) unhealthy 

19. İyi kalpli

a) entertaining              b) comfortable                       c) good-looking                     d) kind-hearted 

20. Güvenmek

a) take up                      b) count on                 c) get up                                 d) go on

21. Getirmek  

a) buy                            b) bring                       c) take                                     d) give

22. Kıvırcık

a) wavy                         b) straight                   c) dark                                     d) curly

23. Orta yaşlı

a) old                             b) young                     c) middle-aged                       d) teenager

24. Utangaç

a) shy                            b) outgoing                 c) sociable                              d) hopeful

25. Gelecek nesiller

a) future food                b) future drinks          c) future generations              d) future plans

26. Evlat edinmek

a) agree                         b) disagree                  c) continue                             d) adopt

27. Adalet

a) freedom                    b) justice                    c) equality                              d) modesty

28. Başkan 

a) president                   b) prime minister       c) minister                              d) lawyer

29. İlk izlenim

a) first aid                     b) first lesson             c) first person                         d) first impression

30. Üretken

a) poor                           b) rich                         c) productive                          d) imaginative

C. Group the adjectives  (20×1=20p.)

helpful / good looking / handsome / slim / crazy /rude / wavy haired / fat / jealous / honest

curly haired / lazy / kind / tall / shy / overweight / polite / funny / beautiful / well built

Physical Appearance :

Personality :

D. Match the questions and answers (5×4=20p.)

1. What does Hadise look like?                a. She likes music

2. What is Hadise like?                            b. She is generous

3. What does Hadise like?                       c. He is handsome

4. What is your father like?                     d. He is honest

5. What does your father look like?          e. She is blonde and slim

              1. ___ 2. ___  3. ____  4. ____ 5. ____

9.Sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Kelime Etkinlikleri İndir

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Çalışma Kağıdı Worksheet


A – ) Write the phrases under the correct headings (Kelimeleri doğru kategorilere ayırınız) (10×2=20p.)

Personally / That’ s right /  I totally disagree /  That’s not always true / I’m not so sure about it

As for me / In my opinion / No doubt about it / I don’t think so / You are absolutely right.

Expressing Opinion                             Expression of Agreeing                       Expression of Disagreeing    

_____________________                     ______________________                    _________________________

_____________________                     ______________________                    _________________________

_____________________                     ______________________                    _________________________

_____________________                     ______________________                    _________________________

B – ) Fill in the blanks using the present continuous tense. (7×2=14p.)

1. Look at the dog! It __________________________  (run) quickly after the cat.

2. Henry ___________________________ (repair) his car at the moment.

3. Be quiet! They ___________________________  (study) for their exams.

4. _____________ you _________________(pack) your suitcase?

5. My friend and I ____________________________ (not / watch) TV.

6. ________________Brian_____________________ (listen) to music in his room?

7. What ________ your father _____________(do) at the moment?

C – ) Choose the correct verb and fill in the blanks using the correct forms (8×2=16p.).

                 ride / have / not go / wash / drink / not clean / water / eat

1. Lionel ________________________ his coffee alone on the balcony.

2. Rachel and Tom __________________________ their sandwiches.

3. I _________________________ my room. I am playing chess now.

4. Her husband __________________________ a horse at the moment.

5. We __________________________ to the party. We are staying in.

6. My mother _________________________the flowers in the garden.

7. She ________________________ the dishes in the kitchen.

8. The Browns ____________________ a family dinner right now.

D – ) Use the prompts to ask questions and give answers as in the example (3×5=15p.)

Example : they / swim / make a cake?

                 A: Are they swimming?

                  B: No, they aren’t. They’re making a cake.

1. you / work in the garden / walk in the park

A: ___________________________________________________________?

B: ____________________________________________________________

2. she / watch film / have a party

A: ___________________________________________________________?

B: ____________________________________________________________

3. the children / play football / listen to music

A: ___________________________________________________________?

B: ____________________________________________________________

E – ) Fill in the blanks using the adjectives in the correct comparative or superlative form. (5×2=10p.)

                                              short / long / bad / expensive / young

1. A: Tom is taller than you.

    B: No, he isn’t. He’s ______________________________me.

2. A: This is the cheapest shirt in the shop.     

    B: No, it isn’t. It’s _______________________________

3. A: The blue skirt is the shortest of all.

     B: You must be kidding. It’s _____________________________

4. A: Bob is older than you.

    B: No, he is not. He’s _____________________________ me.

5. A: What do think about Mr. Yang’s new book?

    B: I think it is even __________________________ his last book.

F – ) Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the adjectives. (5×2=10p.)

1. The Nile is ________________________________ (long) river in Africa.

2. Ankara is _______________________________ (big) İzmir.

3. My room is _________________________ (small) in our house.

4. My writing is _______________________ (good) in our class.

5. Mary’s voice is _________________________ (bad) Amy’s.

G – ) Look at the table and make 5 sentences using the adjectives (5×3=15p.)

                            old / young / tall / short / fat / thin


1. _________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________


A – ) Write the phrases under the correct headings (Kelimeleri doğru kategorilere ayırınız) (10×2=20p.)

Expressing Opinion                             Expression of Agreeing                       Expression of Disagreeing    

Personally                                            That’ s right                                         I totally disagree

As for me                                             No doubt about it                                  That’s not always true

In my opinion                                       You are absolutely right.                       I’m not so sure about it

                                                                                                                      I don’t think so

B – ) Fill in the blanks using the present continuous tense. (7×2=14p.)

1. is running

2. is repairing

3. are studying

4. Are / packing

5. aren’t watching

6. Is / listening

7. Is / doing

C – ) Choose the correct verb and fill in the blanks using the correct forms (8×2=16p.)

1. is drinking

2. are eating

3. am not cleaning

4. is riding

5. aren’t going

6. is watering

7. is washing

8. are having

D – ) Use the prompts to ask questions and give answers as in the example (3×5=15p.)

1. A : Are you walking in the garden?

    B : No I am not. I am walking in the park

2. A: Is she watching a film?

    B : No she isn’t. She is having a party

3. A : Are the children playing football?

    B : No they aren’t. They are listening to music.

E – ) Fill in the blanks using the adjectives in the correct comparative or superlative form. (5×2=10p.)

1. shorter than

2. the most expensive

3. the longest

4. younger than

5. worse than

F – ) Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the adjectives. (5×2=10p.)

1. the longest

2. bigger than

3. the smallest

4. the best

5. worse than

G – ) Look at the table and make 5 sentences using the adjectives (5×3=15p.)

1. Hasan is older than Hale

2. Hale is shorter than Kemal

3. Kemal is fatter than Hasan

4. Kemal is the tallest

5. Hale is the youngest

9.Sınıf İngilizce 5.Ünite Çalışma Kağıdı Worksheet İndir

9. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite Test

9. sınıf ingilizce 5. ünite test pdf, deneme sınavı ve etkinlikleri yakında ingilizceciyiz.com’da.

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