7. Sınıf İngilizce Dinleme Metinleri Ses Dosyaları Bilim ve Kültür Yayınları

Sayın İngilizce Öğretmenim ve Sevgili Öğrenciler, 7. sınıf İngilizce bilim ve kültür yayınları dinleme metinleri ve ses dosyaları eksiksiz bir şekilde ingilizceciyiz.com’da. Aşağıdaki linke tıklayarak 7. sınıf ingilizce ses dosyaları bilim ve kültür yayınları mp3 halinde indirebilir, sayfanın aşağısında bu ses dosyalarını ünite ünite metinler halinde (7. sınıf ingilizce dinleme metinleri bilim ve kültür yayınları) görebilirsiniz.





Lütfen dinleme metinlerini görmek istediğiniz ünitenin üzerine tıklayınız. 7. Sınıf İngilizce bilim ve kültür yayınları ders kitabı dinleme metinlerinin tamamını sayfanın en altındaki linke tıklayarak indirebilirsiniz.




Page 11

1. Listen and circle the correct word.    Track 1

Rachel: Hello. I’m Rachel. I’m tall and slim. My friends say I’m beautiful with curly hair and blue eyes. I have a brother. He doesn’t look like me. He’s younger and more outgoing than me. He’s very popular among his friends because he can play football better than everyone else.

2. Listen and circle the words that describe Thomas.     Track 2

Thomas is a fifteen year-old boy. He looks handsome with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall and slim. Thomas is always honest and generous. He never tells lies and breaks his promises. There is one negative thing that I can say about him. He is a bit stubborn but never selfish.

3. Listen and write their names; Janet, Peter, Emma or Robert.      Track 3

1. She is a hardworking girl. She never goes to work late. She is very punctual. She is really attractive with blue eyes and stylish blonde hair. Her name is Janet.

2. That little boy is very cute with curly brown hair and big black eyes. He is always happy and friendly. He likes playing with his friends. That is Peter.

3. She has gorgeous long wavy hair and wonderful green eyes. She is tall and thin. She isn’t outgoing because she likes being alone. She is Emma.

4. This young guy is a very successful businessman. He looks very handsome with short black hair and green eyes. He is smart and easy-going. His name is Robert.

Page 11      Page 13

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.      Track 4

These are Jimmy and Mike. They’re close friends. Jim’s handsome with blue eyes and straight brown hair. He’s tall and thin. Mike’s a bit different from Jim. He has black hair and green eyes. He’s cute with his freckles and nice smile. He’s medium height but well-built. Jim likes staying at home in his free time, but Mike always hangs out with his friends. He’s more outgoing than Jim. Jim is an easy-going, honest, generous and smart boy. Mike’s more stubborn, but neither of them are selfish. They like sharing and supporting each other. They get along very well. That’s why they’re good buddies.

Page 22

7. Listen and fill in the blanks.     Track 5               

Frank: Hello. My name’s Frank. I’m a football player. I’m medium-height and slim. My younger brother, Alex, is taller than me. He can play basketball very well. I usually spend my time in my room. Alex is more outgoing than me. He has a lot of friends. I’m more punctual than him. I don’t like being late, but Alex is more relaxed. He doesn’t care such things. I hope he’ll be more careful in the future.



Page 27

1 Listen and fill in the table.            Track 6

David: Hi! I am David. I am a swimmer. Here is my weekly training program. I go to the gym and work out with the weighs two days a week and run in the track three days in a week. I exercise twice a day. In the afternoons, I always swim except on Saturdays and Sundays because I rest on weekend. I usually get up early and have breakfast. I always eat healthy food. I never eat junk food or drink energy drinks.

2. Listen and write the missing words.        Track 7

Doris: Hello. I’m Doris. I’m an athlete. I get up early every day. I usually eat a big breakfast, and then I go to the gym. I sometimes exercise in the gym, but I train in the field more often. I never do heavy exercises not to hurt my legs

3. Listen and fill in the charts.             Track 8

Jogging           playing basketball          cycling          skiing        doing judo       boxing

Page 29

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.      Track 9

Interviewer: Today I’m talking to Emma Robins, the Olympic and World Championship swimmer. Hi, Emma. Welcome.

Emma: Hello. Thank you.

Interviewer: Let me ask my questions. How do you start the day?

Emma: I always wake up early and have a big breakfast. Then, I go to the gym and the swimming pool to train. I spend most of the day by doing exercises. In the evenings, I watch TV, listen to music and rest.

Interviewer: I see. How often do you train?

Emma: Well… I train six days a week. I work out at the gym twice a week, and I swim every day.

Interviewer: Wow! Do you go on a special diet?

Emma: Of course, I do. I eat healthy food. I usually eat meat, fruit and vegetables. They make me strong and give energy.

Interviewer: What are your plans for  the future?

Emma: I’m planning to be the first woman swimmer with six gold medals by racing at six Olympics.

Interviewer: Good luck, Emma. I’m sure you can do it.

Emma: Thank you very much.

Page 35

1. Listen and number.  Track 10                

1. diving             2. spectator           3. skiing                4. medal 

5. jogging           6. draw                  7.  equipment       8. skating



Page 43

1. Listen and fill in the blanks.       Track 11

Hamza Yerlikaya was born on 3rd June, 1976 in İstanbul. He began wrestling when he was ten years old. He first competed in 1991 at World Cadets Wrestling Championships. Two years later, he won  the gold medal at the World Championship for Men’s Wrestling in 1993. It was a great record and success because he was only 17 years old. Hamza Yerlikaya joined the army to fullfill his military duty in 2006. During that time, he attended the Atlanta Olympics and reached the gold medal. It was another record that Hamza Yerlikaya made, because he was the first sportsman who competed in a civil championship as a soldier. He took place in two Olympics; Atlanta and Sydney. He won 23 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronze medals in various championships in total. He got married in 2010. He has two children.

3. Listen and circle the correct option.    Track 12

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco in 1955. He began to work with computers when he was a teenager. He got a job as a technician at the video game maker in 1974. He and Steve Wozniak founded their own company in 1976 and developed the first small computer. He created movies that won the Oscar such as ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’. He died in October 2011 at the age of 56.

Page 45

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.    Track 13

    Louis Braille was born in 1809 in France. He became blind because of an unfaithful accident when he was 3 years old. It was difficult to learn by listening to his teachers, so he left his school and attended an institution for blind people. In 1821, with the help of Charles Barbier, an old soldier, Louis developed a system of dots and dashes to read. He used his fingers to slide over a pattern. That pattern had letters. A lot of people use this system nowadays. L. Braille died in 1852.

Alexander Graham Bell was born on 3rd March, 1847 in Scotland. His father always wanted him to carry on the family business, but Alexander was interested in inventing new things. When he was 16, he began to work with his father. In 1870, his father decided to move to Canada. Some time later, Alexander moved to Boston and went on working on his new inventions there. He is best known for his invention of the telephone.

Mehmed II was born on 30th March, 1432 in Edirne. His father was Murad II. Mehmet became Sultan twice when he was 12 and 19 years old. His mind was full of the idea of capturing Constantinople. Although everybody thought it was impossible, Mehmed conquered the city in 1453. He ruled the Ottoman Empire for 30 years. He was a brave soldier and an excellent statesman. He died on 3rd May, 1481.

Page 53

5. Listen and put the sentences in chronological order.    Track 14   

1. Emma was born in Italy in 1989.

2. She grew up there till she was twelve.

3. Then, she moved to England to attend a university.

4. She graduated from university four years ago.

5. Later on, she began to work at a company.

6. She got married in 2016, and she’s happy now.



Page 59

1. Listen and name the animals according to the order you hear.     Track 15

I want to talk about the animals that I like. I like the tigers and the pandas more than the others. Tigers have sharp eyes and magestic fur whereas pandas look cute and pretty. They are both big animals, but they can move fast. Look at those reptiles, snakes and crocodiles. I am amazed by the snakes as it is incredible to move fast without legs, and their colours and skins are beautiful, too. Crocodiles! It is funny to drop tears after eating their prey, isn’t it? It is most likely for biological rather than emotional reasons.

Well… The owls, those interesting birds. They have the ability to turn their head 270 degrees in each direction, and their eyes are completely immobile and cannot be moved. That is awesome. And the eagles! Eagles fly at high altitudes. They feed only on fresh prey and never eat dead things. When there is a storm, eagles get excited and use the wind of the storm to lift themselves higher far above the clouds. Meanwhile, all the other birds hide themselves in the leaves of the trees. That’s why I admire them.

3. Listen to Doctor David Russel and circle the correct answers.              Track 16

I am Dr David Russel. I study wild animals and work to protect endangered species. A lot of species of animals are extinct such as dodo birds, tasmanian tigers or black rhinos. Humans are responsible for most of the extinctions. They hunted wild animals for their meat, skin and tusks. We destroyed their habitats to make fields and to get wood. We polluted the environment. That led some animals to the extinction. Some endangered animals which I am trying to protect include giant panda and the African rhino. I would like you to be more sensitive and join all the campaigns against killing and hunting animals for their fur, teeth or bones.

Page 61

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.   Track 17


Birds are vertebrate animals. They have wings, so they can fly. Many of them can also jump, swim, dive and run. Birds live all over the world and in all habitats. Some of them like penguins and ostriches can’t fly because they lost the ability to fly.


Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates with hair. They feed on milk when they are born. They are carnivores, herbivores or both. Some of the mammals, like tigers live on their own, some like lions live in family groups.


Reptiles are air-breathing vertebrates. Scales or bony plates cover their bodies. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals because they don’t have a constant body temperature. They all shed the outer layer of their skin regularly.

Page 68

3. Listen and fill in the blanks.   Track 18    

Some animals became extinct because people hunted them for their furs or skins. They destroyed their habitats and damaged the jungles. People always harm wild animals because they are afraid of them. In fact, the animals aren’t dangerous creatures. They just want to protect themselves. We should save them. We give a lot of harm to the animals, now it is time to stop it.



Page 75

1. Listen and write which programmes they watch and their reasons.    Track 19

Andy: I prefer documentaries to reality shows because they are educative and interesting. It is good to learn new things.

 Jill: I always watch sitcoms and talk shows. Sitcoms are usually very funny, and talk showns are entertaining. I love passing time happily.

 David: My favourite TV shows are sports programmes and quiz shows. I am interested in sports so I like watching the matches and the comments. Quiz shows help me expand my knowledge on different topics.

Buse: I love watching the news because they are informative, and I want to know what is going on all over the world. I also like discussion programmes. They are educative, and I like hearing different opinions.

2. Listen and tick the programmes Sally watched on weekend.      Track 20

Sally: Hello! I’m Sally. I spent the weekend by watching TV. There were some silly programmes on Saturday, so I watched a documentary instead. It was about wildlife. I think we should love and protect the animals and nature. Then, at late hours I watched the news and went to sleep. O Sunday, there was my favourite talk show in the evening. I didn’t miss it.

3. Listen and fill in the blanks.      Track 21

Boy: Hi. Let me talk about the TV shows I like watching. I always watch the news, but never the soap operas. I think they are boring. I sometimes prefer watching sitcoms to laugh. Quiz shows? I often watch them because I can test myself. I usually watch documentaries. Especially the ones about the famous patriots in history. I believe we should respect them.

Page 77

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.      Track 22

Jane: Hello, Nora. How are you?

Nora: Great, thanks. And you?

Jane: I’m fine. What are you doing this evening?

Nora: My favourite talk show’s on. I can’t wait for it. Why don’t you come over? We can watch it together.

Jane: Well… I don’t like talk shows. I think they’re boring.

Nora: Really? Which programmes do you prefer watching?

Jane: I like documentaries and quiz shows. They’re educational.

Nora: I find them boring. I prefer amusing programmes.

Jane: I see. There’s a comedy film on Channel 5 at half past eight. I watched it at the cinema last year. I recommend you to watch it. It’s very funny.

Nora: Oh! It’s after the talk show. Okay, I’ll watch it. Thank you, Jane.

Jane: You’re welcome. See you later, then. Bye.

Nora: Take care.

Page 84

2. Listen and tick the correct frequency adverb according to Mike’s preferences.   Track 23

Mike: Hello. Here’s my TV programmes preferences. I hate watching soap operas and reality shows, but I watch the news every day. I like tennis and basketball so I watch the matches whenever there’s one on TV. That’s almost every three days. I like quiz shows, but I can’t watch them very often. My favourite programmes are documentaries. I watch them five days in a week.



Page 91

1. Listen and write what these people need for their parties. Mention the quantities. Track 24

Maria: Hello. I am Maria. I am planning to give a pyjamas party so here is my need list. I need a lot of snacks and beverages. There is a little fruit at home. I should buy some more. I must get a lot of popcorn, too. We will eat them while watching our favourite TV show.

Boy: Hi. I’m David. I am giving a birthday party on Saturday. First, I should prepare a lot of sandwiches. That’s why I need a lot of cheese and salami. I don’t need beverages because there are a lot of them at home, but I should buy a big cake. I need some party hats. I guess I can find them at the market.

2. Listen and fill in the blanks.      Track 25

Bob: Would like some orange juice?

Mike: Yes, please. Just a little.

Bob: I’ll get some pizza. Do you want some?

Mike: No, thanks. I’m full.

Bob: Look at those presents. Are they all for Beth?

Mike: Yes, they are. I wrapped all of them last night.

Bob: Wow! Did you decorate the house yourself?

Mike: No. My brother helped me.

Bob: I see.

3. Listen and number the pictures.      Track 26

1. Friends are decorating the house.

2. Mark is preparing the invitation cards.

3. Susan is making a cake.

4. Tom is buying some beverages.

5. Buse is wrapping the gifts.

Page 93

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.     Track 27

Martha: Hello, Kevin.

Kevin: Hi. Why do you sound worried?

Martha: I’m planning to organize a welcome party for my brother, but I don’t know how to plan it. Can you help me?

Kevin: Sure. First, you should prepare a guest list and the invitation cards. Then, decorate the place, order the cake and buy some beverages.  Finally, you should wrap the gifts and rest before the party.

Martha: Oh! Thank you very much for your help. So, I need a lot of balloons, some party hats and two or three gifts. You’re coming to the party, right?

Kevin: Of course, I’m coming. I can bring some music CDs and movie DVDs, too.

Martha: Great! See you on Saturday at the party, then.

Kevin: Okay. Take care

Page 100

2. Listen and fill in the blanks.      Track 28     

Hi Pam,

I’m giving a party for my brother Robert, but I need your help. Will you please go shopping for me? I’ll make a cake, so I need a few eggs. Four eggs are enough. There’s a little milk, but it’s not enough. Please buy a bottle of milk. There are a lot of chocolate chips. I can use them, but there are some bananas. Get one kilo of bananas, too. There aren’t many candles. I’ll ask Beth to bring them. Thanks in advance. See you.




Page 107

1. Listen and write about Nazan’s and William’s future life.       Track 29

Nazan: Hello. My name’s Nazan. I have some dreams for my future as anybody else. I will definitely be a very famous sports person and win a lot of medals. I have always wanted to be a tennis player! I hope I can make it come true. I want to meet new people and make a lot of friends in the future because I am an outgoing person. I am sure I will find someone and be happy in my relationship. I will get married and have children. I want a boy and a girl. My future plans are to have a nice warm house and enough money to look after my kids with my husband after I stop playing tennis.

William: Hi. I am William. My dream is to graduate from a university and to work at a big hospital. I want to be an excellent doctor. I hope I can do it. After having a good career, my second plan is getting married to a nice girl. Then, we can build our future together. I don’t have a lot of dreams, but I want to have children, and I will definitely have a dog. I love animals. They are friends to people. It would be good to have my own car, too.

2. Listen and fill in the blanks.    Track 30

Dorothy: Hello. I’m Dorothy. I have some dreams for my future. I will definitely go to a university because I want to have an excellent career. Then, I guess I will find a job in a city. I may make new friends there and have good relationships. Oh! I forgot to say. I will get married and have two children.

Page 109

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.    Track 31

Maria: Do you think I’ll be successful in my career, mum?

Mum: Yes, you will because you always study hard, and you know your responsibilities. Also, you’ll be very happy in your relationships. You’re an honest person and you love people.

Maria: Do you think so?

Mum: Definitely! You’ll probably make good friends, have a family and a long life.

Maria: Do you really think so?

Mum: Of course, I do. What is your dream for the future?

Maria: Thank you, mum. Let me think. Umm… I’ll definitely go to a university and get a diploma. Then, I’ll get a great job. I may move to a big city, and I may get married and have kids. I want to have a dog and a cat, too. You know I love animals. I believe I’ll have an excellent life.

Mum: I hope so.

Page 116

2. Listen and tick the pictures mentioned in Hüseyin’s speech.      Track 32

Hello, I’m Hüseyin. I have some dreams for my future. My mum says I’ll have an excellent career in the future. First, I’ll attend a university and get a diploma. Then, I’ll find a good job in a company. I’ll buy a car and live in a nice house.



Page 123

1 Listen and write the places these people went and their reasons.    Track 33

1. Girl: Yesterday I went to the department store to buy a dress for sister’s birthday.

2. Man: I was at the chemist’s in the afternoon. I bought some pills for my headache.

3. Woman: I met my friends at the coffee shop in the morning to talk about the summer holiday plans.

4. Boy: I was at the amusement park with my friends to ride the latest roller coaster.

2. Listen and number the buildings.      Track 34

1. art gallery          2. bakery        3. amusement park     4. chemist’s      5. grocery    6. department store

3. Listen and fill in the blanks.     Track 35

Jane: Hi. I’m Jane. I had a truly busy Saturday. What did I do? Okay, let me tell you. I went to the bakery to buy some fresh muffins. Then, I met my friend at the coffee shop, and we chatted for a while. My mother called and told me to be at the shopping mall at three. So, I hurried there. Later on ,we went to the game store to buy a gift for my brother’s birthday. Finally, we arrived at the movie theatre just before the doors closed.

Page 125

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.    Track 36

Henry: I called you yesterday, but you didn’t answer me.

Lucy: Oh! Sorry. I was busy.

Henry: What did you do?

Lucy: First, I went to the bakery to buy some bread and bagels. After breakfast, my mum and I went to the shopping mall to get some decorations for my brother’s birthday. Later in the afternoon, I met my friends at the movie theatre to watch a film and have some fun. After the film, I went to the grocery. Someone stole my bag there, so I went to the police station to report it.

Henry: Okay… okay. It was really a busy day.

Lucy: Very true. Why did you call me?

Henry: Well… I’ll go to the art gallery on Saturday to see the latest paintings. Would you like to come with me?

Lucy: Sure, why not.

Page 133

5. Listen and number the pictures.     Track 37    

1. chemist’s          2. shopping mall       3. bakery     4. art gallery     5. coffee shop     6. fire station



Page 139

1. Listen and number the pictures.    Track 38

1. Everybody should use recycling bins when they throw waste materials. Recycling helps the environment not getting polluted.

2. We should save energy and produce clean ones. Wind energy is one of them. We should set up more wind energy turbines.

3. Look at those people cutting the trees. I guess they are not aware of how much damage they are giving to the world.

4. Please, don’t use any spray deodorants.

2. Listen and complete the sentences.       Track 39    

1. Rainforests are necessary because they produce oxygen.

2. Wild animals are important for the balance of nature.

3. We should recycle waste materials to help the environment.

4. If the greenhouse effect increases, there will be more global warming.

5. We should use public transportation to reduce the air pollution.

3. Listen and fill in the blanks.      Track 40

William: Hello. I’m William Lawday. I’m a gardener. Today, I’m going to tell you how to plant a tree. First, get the seeds and a shovel. Then, dig the soil and make a hole. Next, put the seeds in the hole and water them. Don’t forget to water the seeds till they grow. Come on kids! Let’s plant more trees, we need them for clean and fresh air.

Page 141

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.    Track 41

a. If we go on polluting our environment, we won’t find a place to live very soon. So, everybody should take actions to protect the animals and rain forests, because they’re important for the balance of the nature.

b. Why should we recycle waste materials? The answer is easy; to protect our environment! By using eco-friendly products and recycling the plastic, glass and metal goods, we can save the seas, air and land we live on.

c. We should find some clean energy resources to protect our environment. Solar and wind energies are some of them. They don’t pollute the air, seas or land. We should encourage people to use such energies.

d. Global warming is threatening all living things in the world. Humankind should be careful about it and take efficient precautions against global warming. A little respect to our environment will solve a lot of problems easily.

Page 149

3. Listen and fill in the blanks.    Track 42          

There are a lot of dangerous things in our environment that give harm to the balance of climates, nature and human life. All of these things such as pollution, global warming, greenhouse effect, etc. are increasing day by day. We should take action and protect our world. First of all, we must stop polluting the environment, damaging the rainforests and killing wild animals. We should buy eco-friendly products, use renewable energies like solar and wind energy, recycle the waste materials. Governments should educate people and take some precautions. We are all responsible for leaving a better world to our children.



Page 153    Page 155

1. Listen and fill in the blanks.   Track 43


There are eight planets in our solar system. Eight of them are main planets. Pluto is not one of them. The planets orbit the sun. Scientists observe the galaxy through a space telescope, and they have many space missions. For example, Mars Exploration Mission began in 2003. Mankind is trying to discover evidence of water on the surface of Mars.

2. Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions.       Track 44

Interviewer: Welcome Roger. I have some questions about your last mission.

Roger: Thank you.

Interviewer: When and why did you last go to the space?

Roger: Last month. We tried to place the giant satellite in Earth’s orbit.

Interviewer: Did you succeed it?

Roger: No, we didn’t. The satellite exploded because of a technical problem.

Interviewer: That’s bad. What did the astronauts do in the shuttle?

Roger: We were shocked. Meanwhile something worse happened.

Interviewer: What was that?

Roger: A meteorite hit out space shuttle.

Interviewer: Oh!

Roger: Yes. We had to return to the Earth the same day we went to the space.

Interviewer: I am so sad to hear that. I hope there will be nothing bad next time. Thank you for coming Roger.

Roger: I hope not. You are welcome.

3. Listen and write the strange facts about the planets.   Track 45

1. One million Earths can fit inside the sun.

2. A day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 55 minutes.

3. Venus is brighter than the other planets.

4. The rings that surround Saturn are as wide as twenty-two planet earths all in a row.

5. Astronomers call Pluto a dwarf planet.

Page 157

2. Close your books. Listen to the CD and answer the questions.    Track 46

Miss Morgan: Our topic is the planets today. I want you to tell me all the things you know about the planets.

Sarah: Can I begin, Miss Morgan?

Miss Morgan: Sure.

Sarah: There are eight planets in our solar system. Jupiter is bigger than the other planets. Pluto isn’t a main planet. It’s a dwarf planet.

Miss Morgan: Very well, Sarah. It’s your turn, Mike.

Mike: Okay. Mercury is hotter than the Earth. Umm… Saturn has rings around it, and Mercury is closer to the sun than the other planets.

Miss Morgan: Well done. Dennis?

Dennis: Neptune is farther from the sun than all the other planets. Uranus is colder than Mars. The planets have moons, and their moons orbit around them.

Miss Morgan: Thanks, Dennis. Very well class. I am proud of you!

Class: Thank you, Miss Morgan.

Page 165

4. Listen and number the pictures.     Track 47

Woman: What can we see in space? Here are six of them. 

 1. planets     2. satellites    3. stars   4. moons   5. meteors    6. galaxies

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